Upgrade Cisco Routers to use CCP Express and CPP

Cisco’s products now allow you to install a basic configuration portal website that runs from the Cisco Router itself called CCP Express (Cisco Configuration Professional Express).  This express edition allows you to quickly configure and review router basics, status, and performance via the router’s website (Chrome is recommended) and is a ‘nice to have’ for the customer to view their router performance; if inclined to do so.
Although CCP Express is quick and easy to get started, to fully configure the router you need to either use the CLI or full version of CCP via your local PC.
Special note: if you are configuring the router on an IP other than the default/factory configured IP range, you will also need to update the ACL to permit traffic on the IP subnet that you’re connecting from; “sh config” from the CLI to review the running configuration/etc.
To get started both CCP and CCP Express can be downloaded here:
To configure the PC from the FULL version of CCP you can follow this guide:
Basic Router Configuration Using Cisco Configuration Professional
To configure the router for CCP Express you have to
  1. download and transfer the CCP Express to the router
  2. extract the software & delete the original zip/tar
  3. enable the HTTP Server
Cisco installation instructions here:
Alternate but similar CCP Express instructions:
Sample video for CCP Express