Outlook 2013 Conversation View Not Working Like It Should

Please be aware that there has been a fundamental change with the way conversation view works.


According to Microsoft they listened to others that complained about the way that conversation view previously worked using the subject and ‘upgraded’ the conversation view to monitor a hidden “ID” tag that’s imbedded into the email - those “conversations” with then group together.


I’ve already noticed a big improvement for some of the work that I do with email but also we now have another unexpected issue that has come up.  Obviously if we send an email from the existing ticket system it won’t have that “ID” causing those items to no longer be part of the conversation; because of this those tickets will no longer be grouped together with the rest of the ‘conversation’.


If you need to view conversation subjects I’ve created a work around that below & it allows you to switch as-needed.


Go to “View”, and check as indicated:

Show Messages from Other Folders

Show Senders Above the Subject

Always Expand Selected Conversation


Then expand arrangement and click on view settings:


Takes you here:


Select your columns that you use:


Group By set as follows (you may like all of your GROUPS expanded by default):


Then set your Sort By as follows:


Should then look something like this:


Once you have arranged the inbox to your liking, click Change View > Save Current View As a New View.  Then type a name for the view, and specify which folders it can be used on and by whom. In the future, return to this view by selecting Change View and selecting your saved view.




Now in the future you can just select another view or simply go to “Change View” and select the item that you saved; in my case you can see the view ConvSubj that I saved.



Also, since I use the reading pane I didn’t like how outlook was hogging up my screen with their new view so I changed it by turning it off.