google apps for work gmail smtp relay

Here are detailed instructions for updating the IP address when your scanner stops sending emails.
While you are logged into and viewing your email account, click the gear icon found in the upper left corner of the page, then choose manage this domain:
From this page choose the “Apps” icon
Then choose “google apps”
Then choose “Gmail”
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Advanced Settings”
The “SMTP Relay services” settings are almost at the bottom of the page. You can scroll down to the bottom, or type “relay” into the search box:
In this picture I just typed relay into the search box
Click the “EDIT” button
You will see the old ip address listed, click the “edit” link on that ip
Just backspace and type the new IP address, then click save, then click save again
Now we are back at the previous screen, but at the very bottom of the page is the last “SAVE CHANGES” button. You have to remember to click that. Then you are done
That is it. you are done.